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Daniel Frank Sedwick recently conducted a live, on-line auction of treasures recovered from sunken ships. Total bids amounted to more than $1.6 million. Some of the highest priced items, like a gold Escudo Mexican cob dated 1709, sold for $46,000. There were more than 70 other gold Escudos on the block along with hundreds of silver cobs and minted coins.read more

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NOAA seeks comment on a proposed rule prohibiting the discharge of sewage from vessels into Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary waters and to require vessel sewage tanks be locked to prevent discharges within sanctuary boundaries. Vessel sewage discharge has been prohibited in state waters of the sanctuary since their designation as a No Discharge Zone by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2002. Although 65 percent of the sanctuary is within state waters, the remaining federal waters, with the exception of specially-protected zones, currently permit vessel sewage discharge. read more

http:nodescubanews.com HMS Victory Case Settled http:node..0912>, a 100 gun ship of the line lost in 1744 in the English Channel. The UK Government has agreed to pay Odyssey a salvage award of 80 percent as compensation for the artifacts which have been recovered from the site and submitted to the UK Receiver of Wreck. A valuation of approximately $200,000 has been agreed for the two cannon recovered from the site, providing for a salvage award of approximately $160,000.read more

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The annual DEMA Show, sponsored by the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association, is the world’s preeminent showcase for dive professionals. Featuring hundreds of exhibits and attracting thousands of dive store owners, managers and instructors, the DEMA Show is where many manufacturers provide their dealers with a first look at the latest in equipment technology. The 2009 DEMA Show took place in November at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center. In this article, we are going to give you a look at six of the products that gathered the most attention at this year’s show.read more

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We literally stumbled across one of these this morning that had made its way to Florida from Michigan. And let’s face it: Is that $45,000 F-250 going to feel so sweet when diesel reaches $5.00 a gallon? The Ford Transit Connect is smaller than a minivan, yet offers more

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