Zale Parry, Ambassador of Diving

Zale Parry

Zale Parry’s blue eyes give directness to her features. The directness is not diminished when she adds her specs to contemplate some document or other. Zale has been a Hollywood actress. She says she worked as a stunt double for the likes of Sophia Loren and Carol Baker, and was costar with the late legendary actor Lloyd Bridges in the Sea Hunt series. Sea Hunt ran on television from 1957 to 1961. Zale had roles in everything from Wagon Train to the Twilight Zone. Named the Academy of Underwater Arts and Science’s Ambassador at Large, Zale is often found at the DEMA Show diligently fulfilling that role.

Cap'n Don Stewart: Diving Legend and Resort Diving Pioneer

Cap'n Don

“A rock can dive, John,” Captain Don said. He left time to let it sink in. Not necessarily into my assessment, rather for his own contemplation of what was to come next. For as long as I’ve known Don Stewart, the darndest things pop out of his mouth. He seems as much surprised as his audience. Captain Don is Bonaire’s own Stingray City, its blue hole and sea lion rookery; the attraction that ties a little adventure, fun and showmanship to an arid rock in the Dutch Caribbean.

Treasure Man: The Legendary Bob Marx

Bob Marx

“I’m sick so no pictures,” Bob Marx growled. He stayed overnight at a friend’s home in Tequesta, Florida, forgot his sleeping pills and so couldn’t sleep. “He drank Vodka all night,” David Foster laughed. David produced a T-shirt that he slung over his friend that had a happy puppy cartoon on it then snapped his picture with a small digital camera. Marx tolerated it, then endured me as I snapped a couple of photos of him as well.

Legends of Diving: The Incomparable Wyland


He was determined to paint the Great Wall of China. Begun in the 3rd Century BC, enhanced 300 miles in the Ming Dynasty, it may be in need of a little paint. “We’re in discussion with the Chinese. Those who know me, know that when I decide to do something, It’ll get done,” Wyland said. He did it. Not on the wall itself but Wyland’s Whaling Wall Number 100 was completed in Beijing for the Green Olympics. Commemorating that momentous event.

Dan Sedwick: Where Does Sunken Treasure Go?

Dan Sedwick

Did you ever wonder where all the treasure brought up from sunken Spanish galleons lost off the Florida coast goes? What happens to those fabulous finds from sunken ships lost ages past in hurricanes and storms around the world? Intrepid, daring explorers and treasure hunters appear in the news with great discoveries located after meticulous research in dusty s. For many, like the late Mel Fisher, discovery of the legendary Atocha and Santa Margarita was the culmination of a life’s dream and 17 years work and sacrifice.

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