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Picsio Photo

This past fall we told you about the JVC Picsio FM-1, a deck-of-cards-size, eight-megapixel still camera that also happens to be a 1080p, HD video camera as well. Packaged with a compact housing from Ikelite, this miniature wonder was one of the hits of the past DEMA Show. And, with a suggested retail of just $460, it’s no wonder why. We’ve been playing with the Picsio for several months now, and would like to share — both visually and verbally — what we have more The Bare Bones of Spearfishing http:node..1001> is an informational guide into the world of spearfishing. Whether you’re new to spearfishing or you desire to learn new tips and tricks from the experts, this 120-minute DVD covers it! You will learn about the equipment needed in great detail from choosing the right type of speargun, bands, tip selections and more! Learn new techniques for lineshafting and freeshafting plus watch real hunting examples along with raw bonus footage with more National Geographic Photo Contest Winner http:node..1001>